In response to the state of the nation, we have created an urgent and timely song and music video 'Our Words Will Be Louder' speaking out against injustice and encouraging early voting!! #OurWordsWillBeLouder is a strong cry for positive collective action to be taken in this vulnerable and polarized time. #VOTE! And #VoteEarly! 

The song and music video benefit The Poor People's Campaign.  

Click HERE for more info, credits, links, and lyrics.

Virtual Home World Tour 2020

We were sad to cancel all of our spring dates due to the coronavirus. We wanted to see all of you, play festivals and venues we love and be together in various communities sharing music. While we might not be…

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HuDost- 2020 Winners of the Independent Music Awards

HuDost- 2020 Winners of the Independent Music Awards

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