Whizzing and Scuttling through the South East!

Well heck dang nabbit dog of whickitty whackitty travel through the jibberdy jabberdy wonder of the South East! What I am trying to say, for those of you who couldn’t decipher my last statement, is that we have been having a very rapid run of dates through GA, VA, and TN.

On Thursday we left Florida and drove to Atlanta to do a show at Eddie’s Attic with Kina Grannis. It was a fascinating show as it was sold out and was a wild mix of our audience  and a primarily teenage audience there to see Kina. As odd as that combination sounds, it worked really well. Life is full of surprises that surprisingly surprise us, no?

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After the show we drove all the way to Knoxville and stumbled into our fabulous host’s home (Wayne Bledsoe) at 3:45 AM. That is late, is it not? But wait, you haven’t heard the clincher yet… we had to get up in time to drive to The Square Room, which is a fantastic venue, at 9 am for a sound check for a live broadcast performance on WDVX. After that marvelous show, for which we were joined by the beautiful dancer Maria Kateri McGuire, we jetted off to Bristol to play the Border Bash Downtown Concert Series. That show was also great fun and we had an excellent crowd come out and attentively listen and dance.

We are tired as dingy street dogs, but happy as jovial clams. Tonight we play Soona Songs in Jonesborough, TN, and tomorrow we play The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN. Monday we will mime Sleeping Beauty only to be awakened by hunger (which, I think, is as valid as great kisses).

As an aside, we have been writing a whole slew of new songs. Here are the lyrics I (Moksha) wrote for the newest one that is currently hatching:

Give me my eyes      so I can see

The ground a tumble       from earthquake’s debris

Give me my legs so that I’ll stand to run

Backwards to all the damage that’s done

Oh heavens be, I’ve lost my key

I’ve lost my key,    where is the absentee?

I’ve lost my key, I’ve lost my key,    Oh pour la grande esprit

The breath of the ocean is covered in oil

All relies on this broken choke coil

In all the photos a glistening hue

story of selfishness over the blue

Oh my glorious god above

It’s hard to believe you believe in love

Where are the strongholds we claim that you bear?

Are you the color of worse for wear?

I have no key, I have no key, I have no key

Open your shudders, open your blinds

Human revenge has outlived its time

Waking in sweats of hope, breaking in waves

Have we forgotten we’re marginal slaves?

Open your cabinets, open your wine

Maybe it’s lurking between the fine lines

Riddled with synergy, smoking with thieves

Born in the symmetry of all the leaves

See the skeleton key

Skeleton key,    beyond broken doorways, avec grade esprit

Hold the skeleton key, skeleton key, skeleton key

Give me my eyes      so I can see

(WDVX photos by Peter Scheffler)