Videos for ‘Skeleton Key’ & ‘Invisible'(Church cover) by Duchow now up!

Hi Folks! Here are a couple of more new experimental video offerings from Mr. David Duchow. Apparently he’s working on a few more too, but here are the first; both off of our ‘Waking the Skeleton Key EP’.

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The first is the title track ‘Skeleton Key’ which features Moksha on vocals, JW on guitars, programming, production and vocals, Dan Walters on bass, Ken Rosser on more guitars, Stephanie Heidemann on more vocals, Billy Dean on drums and Robert Oakes & Kate Smith on backing ‘ahs’ and whistles! The track is beautifully mixed by Mr. Oz Fritz.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The second video here is HuDost’s cover of The Church song ‘Invisible’ from their ‘After Everything Now This‘ album. This track was also mixed by Oz Fritz and again features Moksha, JW, Dan, Ken & Billy with some banter sampling of The Church’s Steve Kilbey toward the end of the tune. This rendering of ‘Invisible’ works at capturing both the studio and live versions of how The Church approach this song which is always a sonic treat. It also features an improvisational ‘zikr noise’ section.

Click here to view the embedded video.