Tornado, Casino, TV and HuDost.

As we entered Arlington, TX on Thursday night, we became ensconced in a state of freakishly opened eyes and goose-bumped skin as we stared at the clouds that were overtaking the horizon. Never before had I seen such ominous clouds. All around us lightning began to strike and not only was it striking a great deal and rather close to us, but it had an eerie pink hue to it. These elements became rapidly evident as clues that a storm I had never seen before was about to enshroud us. We drove at a snail’s pace through pounding rain that, at certain periods, was moving horizontally across the sky with the powerful winds. The roads that had been parched only hours before were suddenly flooded so that people’s cars became border line boats. When we finally arrived at the hotel and turned on the television that night, we discovered that a Tornado had hit and we had been on its periphery. Even when the tornado had passed, the rains refused to cease. Our hotel rooms were on the ninth floor, so we could see across to Dallas and Arlington and watch the lightning mapping itself across the landscape.


On Friday (yesterday!), our show was supposed to be in front of several hundred/ over a thousand people at a wonderful outdoor performing arts center called the Arlington Levitt Pavilion. Through the wild storm this fabulous venue had become an unwelcoming swamp. Our show was cancelled much to our chagrin.


Today, we performed on Television in Tulsa for the OklaTravelNews. Check out the link (we do not play until the last quarter of the program):


On our way to Tulsa we stopped at gas station/ casino. I had never been in a casino before. Stephanie and I walked through the bardo of the slot machines that were propelling forward synchronized soothing tones (I have no doubt that this music is utilized to stimulate ease in the players and as a result bring forward more betting) and we humorously sang in harmony with the tones.

-Moksha Sommer