The Veil

Beyond the Veil

Moksha Sommer, HuDost, Islands Folk Festival 2012, Providence Farm, Duncan, BC

So many spiritual traditions confront the idea of the veil as that thing that prevents us from seeing the greater picture. It is revered as something that takes a multitude of forms that we are friends with, enemies with, discouraged by, in love with, etc. It is the splendid Maya. It is like skin…the delicate vessel of containment that is easily broken. It is the veil that hides the face of the blushing bride. I dare not give my own description of what that veil truly is or isn’t but know that it has been a consistently recognized recognition of the un-recognizable.

Of late I have actually been contemplating the veil of illusion that has manifested with the advent of cyber reality (which I know does not feel recent but definitely is in the grand scheme of things). More and more, our lives are invested in something that increases our distance exponentially from the real; it hides blemishes, it presents people with the illusory manifestation that they choose. On the other hand, certain spaces cease to exist, physical dimensions are irrelevant, without seeing a friend or even opening our mouths we can speak with them, etc. So, my question is this…is the gap between us and what is beyond us expanding or contracting? Have we gone far enough to go full circle?

Please share your thoughts with us on this, and on a practical level, what is it like to be part of our campaign that we have been ravaging the cyber waves with? Do you feel closer and more connected or further and more distant? To share with you, we have felt, and continue to feel, huge gratitude to the support we have received. Every contribution we receive has been from a distance but is truly from a specific person who has his or her own life and is being caring and generous by including our work in what they value. In my previous blog I shared about vulnerability, now I ask you to share about the ways your life is affected by this exact type of communicating and what connections and vulnerable places are accessed in you through this.

Music, for me more than any other medium, seems to access the personal for so many people. A single song can be related to by a huge number of people all of whom have a different and deep perspective on its meaning. Songs that I wrote from a particular perspective will have a completely different meaning for the listener. I have had people share with me what they experience/interpret from one of my songs and, on a practical level, it is so far from what I had created that I am stunned and amazed. For this very reason, when people ask me for details about a song I have written and its origin, I often choose to not share. This is because I want to allow them to have their own interpretation and space. In relation to the veil and illusion, one could ask if these interpretations take us farther from the truth. However, what I have come to realize is that if a one can have a personal relationship to the material then the essence of what is beyond the specifics and details grows stronger and deeper. It is the expansion and contraction of that dynamic.

Again, please share your thoughts around all of this…after all, I don’t want to be the only one blabbering about wild esoteric ideas. 😉

– Moksha