The backwoods of the backwoods

We are currently in the backwoods of Kentucky on our single day off as we roam through the whole southern quotient of the US. On Sunday night we performed at the Levitt Pavilion (a wonderful large outdoor performing arts venue) in Memphis, TN. We were graced with a marvelous crowd and an amazing staff at the Pavilion and offered our literally bipolar musical journeys to the fabulously hungry swarm.


Yesterday, after arriving in the densely wooded outskirts of Morgantown, KY, I walked Mollie (our fantastic road dog diva) for miles along the banks of a flooded river that was brimming with waters bearing the orange tones of its red clay underbelly. For the whole duration of the walk I saw, nor heard, no people, simply the sounds of life that are often crushed and hidden by traffic and human populations. I was long overdue for this type of a walk and soaked in the mist that gathered over the water, the sudden openings in the clouds that offered momentary glimpses of bright sunset ridden sky, and the fireflies that began to appear as dusk set in. Mollie ran in wild streaks up and down all of the paths for the full walk and ate three small stalks of corn.


Tomorrow we return to the road and will be playing Johnson City, Knoxville and Asheville this week before doing the trek to Quebec (home sweet home) and doing a show with Bell Orchestre (the instrumental side group of some of the members of Arcade Fire. I do love performing throughout the world but long for my own bed, land, close friends, family, and tea. I am ready to not awaken in different hotels every night and not remember where the bathroom is. Oy.


-Moksha Sommer