Thank You Gainesville!

Returning to Gainesville is always a beautiful thing. The weather was beautiful last night. The Gainesville Downtown Bo Diddley Plaza was packed full of smiling beautiful faces and dancing bodies and we could see groups of singing dancing spinning  people in the far reaches feeding the music in a reciprocal fashion. Ahhhh beauty!

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Within the first 30 seconds of the first song, one of the strings broke on my baritone sending a couple more out of tune during ‘Trespasser’,  so I was forced to play a bulk of the song on one string. Thus began a night of technical difficulties, bizarre sound anomalies, challenging on stage feedback ridden monitor issues and other strange phenomena that occurs when playing in a big cement jungle sound chamber, but in the end the vibe won as it always does…..again…the beauty!

We debuted two new songs live for the first time; ‘Hunger’ and ‘Korea to Me’ and ended the show with ‘Iavanana’; a healing song that we dedicated to the Gulf. It was beautiful to see so many old friends and familiar faces even if for a moment in time.

We return to Gainesville on May 28th for a stripped down acoustic duo evening at Sanctuary Yoga which is now located in the Segal Building. This evening will be just Moksha and I doing a mixture of songs, chants and experiments relying heavily on audience participation. We’ll be posting and sending out Facebook invites for this soon!

A BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT THANK YOU IN DEEP GRATITUDE to all our sponsors and supporters who helped make last night possible:                    The City of GainesvilleBob McPeek for lovingly mixing the sound madness!, Pete from Everyman, Gifts of Avalon who adorned us in beautiful jewels!, Sanctuary Yoga who have been kind supports and loving presences since our first Gainesville gig, Florida School of Massage who always keep the Great Work going…Leo’s 706…Best brunch on the planet! (Sorry the aftershow gathering didn’t manifest there:()

Photos by Suzanna Mars