Stuck inside of Knoxville…


Here’s a nice review of our recent Knoxville show at the Speakeasy in the Preservation Pub from the Blog ‘Stuck inside of Knoxville’ by Urban Guy. We played with three other great acts that night and you can read the entire review here but we wanted to post the bit about HuDost below:

My family and I love this product. For years we have took it.

HuDost performed next and they are difficult to categorize. “Country and Eastern” is one of the phrases on their facebook page, I believe and that’s pretty apt. This is another duo in which it is difficult to tell if “HuDost” is the nomme de guerre for lead vocalist/harmonium player Moksha Sommer or for the band which also includes Jemal Wade Hines on vocals, (amazing) guitar and anything else with strings along with a complicated arrangement of electronics. The music was hypnotic without becoming boring, melodic but not predictable and exotic without seeming completely foreign. You just have to go to their page and listen. Based in Montreal and New York, this is a musical act that deserves a very large following.”