Skope Magazine’s Recent Review of the New Album…

In its first week after being released, HuDost’s latest album ‘4th Way Folk’ received this fabulous review in Skope Magazine!

They called the album “an exeptional folk album that takes the genre in new and beautiful directions”  and that it “brings a new depth to the already multidimensional HuDost.”

You can read the full review here.

Here is another recent review from The Windsor Square:

…says “Unusual, captivating and haunting are only a few words to describe the Experimental Indie Rock/ World musicians; HuDost. With incredible musical and songwriting abilities, as well as a mix of cultural flare, the heart of the band consists of Montreal’s Moksha Sommer and New York’s Jemal Wade Hines. Including an array of talents from other members of the group, each and every day continues to be an exhilarating moment of time that is too precise to let slip away and that is truly heard and felt in HuDost.”

To read the full review and interview published in ‘The Windsor Square’ and written by Melissa Arditti follow this link:

Photo by Jane Feldman