Road Warrior Artwork #3

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How often do the hemispheres of our brains start to merge in malleable ways?

For example, today, while enduring my own masochistic accounting tendencies, the lines between clearly defined numbers and imaginative images and song lyrics began to blur. So that the following, in all its cheesy glory, started tumbling through my head (you may also notice that my photographs seem to be blurring into one another as well):

Almost everyday at approximately 4 o’clock

The tick starts threading through the waiting toc

And the perfect lines of sewing begin to slag and slur

The reasons for the decimals between numbers start to blur

Some will reach for teacups but I will reach for pens

So that the images a-drumming change their position to the lens

Now that I have released that, I can say that we are still in the midst of excellent touring. Jemal will be blogging in depth about our upcoming shows, but I can say that this week we will be playing live on Florida NPR with a TV crew in the house, The Gainesville Downtown Plaza, Heat Wave Festival, and St. Pete…. Check out our website for more details please.

Also, when we sent out our last newsletter, we asked that people let us know about their lives. We would still love responses about this and are willing to share what comes in. The following response that we received was the award winner.

The following text is from Bernice Sorge (who also happens to be a fabulous artist…you really ought to google her):

“OK use my name but it’s probably just to  promote your career. I read the generics and therefore tell you about my dog, 3 cats and those other things I don’t have that you mentioned. At least it’s not just cheap drugs!
The trite thing I noticed when I went to get my bus pass because I am living in Montreal for the month of May was I got in a special line because of you know what and walked a quarter of a kilometer past all the young people lined up for the same and got to sit in space number 5 (my favourite number) with an anxious youngish man behind a desk filled with machines and wires which I sneaked a picture of to inspire me while  he took a picture of me for the card but I didn’t see when he took the picture because he kept looking at the machines then I noticed a tiny little trite camera staring at me and I thought of sweet little Wall-e gathering garbage. And I kinda liked the camera, it was sweet looking with it’s big glassy eye. Having seen the exhibit , Bodies, yesterday I liked the camera even more because all those black cords made me realize how much we are all alike. I couldn’t eat my chicken tonight for supper! Going really vegetarian now!”

Need I say more??