Post Weekend of Hallowing!

Halloween always approaches us in the form of a ripe, un-carved pumpkin glistening with morning dew and glowing with the warm sunlight of late fall. Halloween ends with the time change bringing us into a state of premature darkness, irremovable face paint smeared on our faces, and a vague recollection that this holiday is not simply about dressing as an oddly cleavage ridden cat so much as it is about hovering alongside the perpetual precipice of death that we somehow negate in our daily consciousness.


With that said, the Hallowed HuDost weekend was quite lovely. It included an intimate show at Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic, a wonderful interview/performance on WMNF’s ‘The Women’s Show’, and headlining the World Fusion Festival at Skippers Smoke House. It also included scampering through the bushes in devil horns and a ‘fro. Below are some photos taken by Mary Panton.

-Moksha Sommer