Post Folk Alliance & 10 Minute Artwork 22 1/2

Oh yes, treachery of treachery, dread of dread, it has been ever so long since my last blog and my last artwork posting. I just want you all to know that it has been a wild and wuthering few weeks that we HuDosters have been engaged in. We still love you and think of you daily. We still hope that your lives are growing closer and closer to your ultimate goals and that your hair looks really good.

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One of the things that consumed a huge amount of time and energy in the last few weeks was our attendance at Folk Alliance which is one of the top five music showcase/conference events in North America. Over the course of three days we did eight shows. Madness, I know. It was an excellent weekend… we were joined by a few fantabulous musicians including Mike Meadows, Liza Carbe, Sarah Bowman, and special guests Roosevelt C. (known as being one of the best steel slide guitarists in the US) from the Lee Boys and JP Durand.

I promise to get back into the blogging/artwork habit. But, just to tide you over, here is a photo that I took with my phone right at the beginning of the trek to Folk Alliance. We will call it ’10 minute artwork 22 1/2′.

By the way, I think you are really special.