Official Moksha UpDate…

Hello all,

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So here’s the official update on Moksha. On Sunday, she had a bike accident. While going down a fairly large hill the back tire of her bicycle blew out and she broke her collar bone as well being beaten up pretty badly with some serious road rash.

Ah yes, on a brief positive note the ‘Road Rash Raspberry’ looks like a heart on her hip. The XRay picture below (labeled ‘Angle 20’) is the initial XRay. You’ll see it’s snapped in two along with a third little piece that’s floating. It’s the one that’s sticking straight out almost breaking the skin. After that first night, they put Moksha in a wrap, gave her pain meds, sent her home and said it’d heal on it’s own with rest and time.

Things started to get worse last night and the bump/lump started to ‘tent’ and become more pronounced to the point that we felt like we needed to bring her back to the ER. As soon as we walked through the door, the nurse from the previous evening said ‘Oooh, that looks much worse.’

When the new doctor came in, he said it was one of the worst collar bone breaks he’d seen and new XRays were taken. He also seemed to think surgery would be needed and that an orthopedic specialist should be seen right away. We rolled back into home at 4:30 AM.

As of this morning, we awoke at 8 to visit the orthopedic who said within moments: “You need surgery’. Sooooo….long story short….It’s off to Canada for surgery in the next day or two for Moksha. I won’t even begin to rant about the US Medical system in terms of insurance and money priorities. Suffice it to say, Moksha will be on double pain killers for the trip up.

This girl is driven. As you’ll see from the last blog post, she’s been active and creative with her ‘Left Handed Broken CollarBone Art Series’. She’s also itching to finish up vocal tracks before leaving. Forgive us in advance for most likely having to cancel all of our August shows, but we’re confident that Moksha will be all healed and ready to go by September. Thank you all for your loving and healing thoughts…