My Grass is definitely Blue!-What songs would you like to hear HuDost play on WoodSongs?

Here we are in Kentucky. We’ve been here almost a week now. It’s been our ‘week off’, so we’ve been focusing in hard on recording and editing and preparing new tracks for our upcoming EP. We just got in from playing the Scottsvile ‘Arts on Main Summer Concert Series’ and had a beautiful time there. These last couple of shows we’ve been playing as a four piece with Matthew ‘The Percussionator’ Burgess on drums. This is a photo by Matthew of our Scottsville setlist written on the back of a paper plate. High tech and high budget indeed!

BIG THANKS to Johnny Thompson in Scottsville for pulling it all together. BTW…we also did a live acoustic radio appearance on Bowling Green’s own WDNS D93 on Friday and previewed on brand new song in it’s most naked stripped down form. It’s currently streaming on D93’s Facebook page, so do feel free add them as an ‘ILike’ and take a deep listen before it disappears into the ethers.

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The MAIN reason we write right now is that we have One upcoming show in particular that you should all know about regardless of your location. It is a television show we are doing on Monday of this coming week called WoodSongs in Lexington. We will be performing live as a four piece at the Kentucky Theater for an audience of several hundred people. In August it will be broadcast on PBS, NPR, and a huge number of international TV and radio stations, but you can watch the live show through their webcast. It will be on Monday at 6:55- 8:15 PM EST. Yay! We hope you will join us.

If you’re still reading, we have a question for you. We will be playing 4 songs for Woodsongs that will be televised and one ‘internet only’ encore song. Our question to you; our friends family and fans is: What songs would you like to see us play? We’re having a bit of a tough time making the decision so we thought we’d reach out to you for some suggestions. Feel free to respond here or to our HuDost Facebook page. Thank Ya’ll! Expect a full report soon!