Moksha surgery done…recovery time

Hello everyone,

So sorry for the delay in an update here. The past two nights and yesterday were very intense days, so it’s been hard to actually sit and write an update, but here it is.

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Moksha’s surgery was Wednesday. She was dropped off at the hospital (no one was allowed in even in the recovery room) at 7:30 AM and was supposed to be done and out by around 2:00. I got a call from her close to noon saying the surgery hadn’t even started yet. Apparently we find out the her collar bone was broken in FIVE NOT three places and the doctor actually told her that it was ‘a big mess’.  Moksha now has a plate with screws holding her collar bone together.

Moksha's 'Fixed' CollarBone with plate & screws

In the end she didn’t get discharged until after 9:00PM high on loopy drugs with her surgery arm frozen (meaning it was completely numb and dead and not possible to move at all) with a note saying her arm “would  begin to become unfrozen around 5AM”. Well, unfreeze it did and it was one of the most painful evenings, morning and day in the history of Moksha. The majority of the past 24 hours has had Moksha on double doses of pain meds because every micro-movement has been excruciating  yet her arm is slowly retaining active feeling and we’re sure things are only going to look up from here.

Moksha in recovery room

So that’s why it’s taken so long for the official post op update. In the meantime, she’s just resting in bed and healing in Montreal. Last night was a MUCH better sleep and the pain med intake is returning to normal dosage.

As you’ll see in the final picture here, Mollie has been by her side constantly with absolute healing presence. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

“External life is the shadow of the inner reality.”
Bowl of Saki, August 6, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Moksha resting postOp w Mollie holding healing fort!