Moksha and her new Saw featured in Gorebagg’s World Blog

While touring California these past couple of weeks upon visiting E.J. Gold and crew, Moksha was given a saw by E.J. as a gift to add to the unique musical arsenal. E.J. wrote a blog about it entitled ‘Moksha & the Saw of Damocles’ which is linked below. It also contains some fine examples of saw playing. Time to get to Work Moksha!!!

Give it to my father ,he said it is good

On our trip back to the east coast, we made a random stop to get gas in Shelby, Iowa to find ourselves at a ‘hootnanny’ of sorts inside a jiffy store. Lo and Behold, the band had a saw player and Moksha got a quickie lesson as she showed the nice gentlemen her new Saw gift. Here are a couple of clips: