HuDost Sarasota concert review and live videos up on

We had an absolutely wonderful time on the SE In Utero Tour and loved seeing and Being with you all! Kat Derr from (a groovy blog that you really should follow and who also interviewed us recently about the new album which you can READ HERE if you missed it) wrote a great review of our Sarasota show at Rising Tide with special guests Stephanie Heidemann & Julian Douglas.

She also edited together a couple of video clips from the concert of ‘Oh My Heart’ (REM cover off of our new 4th Way Folk album) and ‘Baboom! (Motherless Child)’.  Notice Moksha’s sly happy look when she sings about ‘the most present belly’ with it’s ‘beating little heart beating’.….Nothing like a pregnant Baboom via I kill tv ! 

You can watch at the link here:


Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

You can also follow I Kill TV on Facebook here. THANK YOU KAT & CLAIRE!!! And Thank you Sarasota and Florida and the SE for always so warmly welcoming us!