HuDost Performing at Tim Robbins’ WTF??!! Festival

Our Saturday night concert at Tim Robbins’ WTF??!! Festival was most excellent! The house sold out and was full of audience members who deserve free foot massages in thanks for their undivided attention (they were also schucks-a-million-heck-dog-sweet enough to give us two standing ovations)!

We had the fantabulous Ken Rosser* (Bass) and the magnificent Bryan Brock (Drums) with us. They dunked the magic doughnut that was already there that evening into a vat of chocolaty wonder syrup. Marguerite Barnett (Dance) also mysteriously joined us. Marguerite is based in Florida but two nights before the concert I had a dream about her and was awakened by a text from her boyfriend. From that I discovered that they were in LA (they had no idea that we were there…it was all just “coincidence”).

Here are some of the photos from the evening (They were taken by Nathan Kornelis and Christiane Georgi) :

*Ken is joining us in the recording process on some new, secret songs! You blog readers will be informed when the secrets start to leak.