HuDost featured on Yoyodyne Industries Amulets & Crystal Quantum Radio front page!

Us Dosts LOVE our amulets and wear them onstage and around everywhere else constantly, so when Yoyodyne asked for us to do a photoshoot wearing the amulets we were more than happy too. JW is currently featured on the homepage of Yoyodyne’s website.

JW is also an avid user of the Super Beacon; also available through Yoyodyne. Words escape describing his daily experience working with this Crystal Quantum Radio device, but suffice it to say that it’s always a welcome moment of relaxation, remembering, quieting of the body’s jittery movement habits and as well an strange communications device which can be heard a bit on the upcoming experimental collaboration CD between E.J. Gold & HuDost (due out around Christmas time). There’s also secret talk of a ‘Custom HuDost Amulet’ as well, so stayed tuned….seriously.