HuDost and Show Binge-ing

Did we have a scrumptious time in our last slew of shows? Need I even ask? The answer, of course, is yes.

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Our last shows included a full band live performance on WMNF (Tampa NPR) at rush hour on Thursday’s ‘Sonic Detours’. For this show we were greeted in the studio by Tampa Bay On Demand Television (which is the exclusive arts & entertainment channel in Tampa Bay, Florida) and by the fabulous photographer Mary Panton, who also took the photos of us at Heat Wave. The crew at WMNF are such a fine bunch.

On Friday night we did the Gainesville Downtown Plaza show, which was wonderful, where we were greeted by a welcoming and full crowd. Check out Jemal Wade’s previous blog about this!

Saturday night we returned to Tampa to perform for Heat Wave.

Tropical Heat Wave Festival was quite an astonishing experience. We had a smashing show and were very grateful for the happy big crowd that was full of people who were truly listening. After our performance we had the opportunity to enjoy the music of many other excellent musicians.

You should check out this review of  us and a handful of the 46 bands!