Death as a 10 minute artwork (#25)

Are you ready for some amazing irony?

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I wrote an amazingly articulate blog conveying how transparent the overwhelming beauty of spring is due to the fact that it literally rises out of the death of the previous year. I also mentioned how that transparency is lost to us for the majority of the time thanks to the powerful surges of pheromones and other desires that spring inspires in us. My point was that death is generous in its abetting of life. The irony is that as I posted my summary of the purpose of death…my computer died. Perhaps it was angry with me for simplifying a force that we eventually all bow down to.

I also just found out that Lesley Duncan died. Please check out Bob Lefsetz’s blog on this. Her songs and her life deserve to be honored. Her piece ‘Love Song’ was one of the very first songs that HuDost ever performed.

Here is my work of the day. I call it ‘death’s first glimpse’. I have sent it to the project ‘A book about Death’ that has a page on Facebook. Check it out…there are some wonderful pieces.