Blindingly good 'Waking the Skeleton Key' review by David Malachowski

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The New Lebanon-based band HuDost has a new release, “Waking The Skeleton Key,” expanding on the groundwork set by last years “Trapeze,” their previous release produced in Kingston by the renowned Malcolm Burns, which made it into out top 10 regional albums of 2009.

HuDost centers around stunning vocalist Moksha Sommer and partner, the guitarist Jemal Wade Hines. This journey starts of with “Skeleton Key” a whirling dervish of sounds that swirl around until vocalist extraordinaire Sommer swoops in and lands dead center. The circular song then lifts off as layers of guitar fight for attention, but in the end, Sommer pulls focus with her luscious, gorgeous voice.

More exquisite exotic fare follows (favoring one-word titles) from the dreamy  “Korea,” the uncommonly warm “Glacier,” the bleak but compelling “Hunger,” the scientific machinery of “Invisible” and inventive “Invention.” All are well thought-out and cleverly produced.

Teeming with gorgeous gifts, HuDost proves it can do it on its own, and that their music needn’t be blatantly commercial to find a home, just be blindingly good. As they say, the radio-ready Sommers could sing the phone book and it would sound good. That “Waking The Skeleton Key” has an underlying spiritual bent is just icing on a multi-layered cake.

Seek out HuDost, you won’t be disappointed, you’ll be anointed.


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