America, America- 10 minute artwork #27

I wrote the following poem and took the photos while on a train ride back to Montreal from NY yesterday:

Someday I want a mother Mary bathtub shrine in my backyard

efectos xenica

Prevailing against all the evil in the world

Outstretched palms adorned with fluorescent flowers

Astride submissive sheep

Someday I want to play bingo with full absorption

With the socially analytical part of me suspended on a coat hook by the entrance of the hall

Knowing that it is such a broken and ugly coat it will never be stolen

Someday I will wear a dance suit adorned in glitter

With some sequins missing

The wrinkles of face magnified by foundation

Someday a revolution will rise

So that ghost town America will emerge from submission and reclaim the ground it parades in current silence- dangling flags, lint covered band pants,

Paint peeling signs

Someday, oh glory, someday.