5 Music City Roots live HuDost videos remixed & remastered!

Howdy Folks and Happy Summer!

Today is officially the due date for Baby Bugaloo Sommer-Hines, but he has of yet to arrive! We shall surely let you know!!!

In the meantime, today we have the arrival of 5 live HuDost videos from Nashville’s Music City Roots freshly remixed, revamped and remastered for your visual and audio enjoyment! First off we have the unreleased song ‘Ghazal’ that we were performing on our 2012 tour. This is quite the amazingly beautiful performance of it below in full band formation featuring Moksha on Voice & Harmonium, JW on Guitar & Voice, Joe Garcia on Pedal-Steel, Melissa Hyman on Cello & Voice, Matthew Burgess on Percussion and Tim Denbo on Bass. The words of this piece were transcribed by Moksha from Persian. We quite love this song and find this to be the ‘definitive version’ thus far of the song…..right now the only version that exists unless someone bootlegged it somewhere 😉

Click here to view the embedded video.

The four songs from our 2013 Music City Roots appearance can be found at THIS LINK:


…including the song ‘Broken’ which includes special guests Jim Lauderdale, Kai Welch & Molly Martin (who has a brand new album that can be obtained directly from her here) along with Dosters Moksha, JW, Sofia and Tim Denbo! ENJOY!!!

Click here to view the embedded video.