11.11.11 begins the Pre-Sale Campaign for the upcoming 'E.J. Gold & the Dosts' CD and other goodies!!!

For those who were wondering, when asked about 11/11/11, E.J. Gold says:
“Generally, eleven eleven eleven signifies total annihilation of the
entire known universe. If that happens again, ignore this message.”

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To signify this moment, the Pre-Sale Campaign for the upcoming
‘E.J. Gold & the Dosts’ CD ‘Good Morning Quantum Police’ including the launch of the ‘HuDost Amulet’ (designed by E. J. Gold) and the ‘Moksha Blend’ from The Perfumerie is beginning today! There are 4 different pre-sale packages available with varying levels of discounts!
Check it out!

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In December 2011, Moksha and JemalWade of HuDost made a visit to IDHHB (E.J. Gold’s Work community in Grass Valley CA). Within moments, after a 6AM breakfast was had, E.J. said “Let’s go make some music!”. Along with Claude Needham with bass in hand, they proceeded to the barn studio (while yawning relentlessly) with Master engineer extraordinaire Oz Fritz and made music continuously for over 4 hours; improvising, telling jokes, laughing, making strange shamanic and psychedelic soundscapes, trying out old folk songs, and a few ‘4th Way Work song classics’. Eventually, Iven Lourie showed up with his violin and Tabatha Jones joined in on various percussive objects.

Oz meticulously captured the invocational happenings on multi-track and sent the sessions to Jemal Wade who proceeded to edit the most magical sections of the session down to an hour of essential material. JW and Moksha then proceeded to overdub harmonies, and add bartione guitar, electric sitars, more feedback, synth layers and other production arrangements to the material to render what is now a beautifully cohesive and seemingly ‘planned’ CD of ‘improvised, experimental folk, ambient comedy’.

The CD is verrry close to being ready for release. We are now offering a number of special ‘Pre-Sale Packages’ below to help raise the money to finish the project. These prices and packages will only be available for a limited time. As soon as the album comes out, this pre-sale will end.

Everything is planned to be shipped TO YOU by Christmas so place your orders now!