10 Minute Artwork #24

How much do the situations that exist in our time affect how we literally perceive? Our vision can be affected tremendously by conditions. Our ancestors could see portions of landscape far beyond what we are capable of perceiving. We, on the other hand, can perceive things and analyze them at a rapid enough rate to drive at high-speed on interstates. We can also analyze television commercials dense with images that have millisecond durations.

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A great deal for artists is conditional. For example, the work that Monet did that he is best known for was made later in his life when his eyesight was, frankly, terrible. His “abstractions” were one that his body was creating that he was literally documenting. They are astonishing.

These are some photos that I took of my friends Amanda and Brian while having a skype date with them. I found the digital pixelization to be turning them into beautiful abstract images.