10 Minute Artwork #23!

Turkey, turkey feathered dark

no perscription needed clomid

In the meadows of the Lark

what immortal hand or belly dare eat thy perfect symmetry….

Yes, an entire flock of wild Turkeys invaded my yard. I think that probably makes it clear that I do not live in Manhattan or Montreal to those of you who didn’t already know. (Or does it?). I feel the need to discuss Turkeys for a moment… not because it is Thanksgiving but simply because they are one of the few sentient beings with which I have issues. One of them pecked the face of my best friend when we were small children, she bled to kingdom come and has had a scar ever since. It made her the bad ass at jump rope that none of the other girls wanted to mess with, so it wasn’t ultimately evil. I also once watched as, during a thunderstorm, a turkey stared up into the sky with its beak wide open until it drowned. Again, I was young and simply thought that the turkey was thirsty so did not intervene in time. In both of these instances, however, these were domestic turkeys. Are the wild ones different? Any ideas? After doing approximately 30 seconds of research on this subject I discovered that domestic turkeys are the descendants of wild turkeys…they are certainly linked but, quite possibly, inbred. Thank you Wikipedia…you are soooo reliable (note: that was a tad bit sarcastic).

Thank you to those of you who have made it thus far.

On a separate note (all puns intended), I want you to know that I have recorded over twenty song ideas and Jemal and I are now going through them and playing patchwork musical chairs with the pieces. We are also writing entire new songs. If you send me a subject with which to write a song that really catches my fancy…I will! This is the hibernation and creation phase for the next album.

Also, in late April and through May we will be touring the South East US and down the coast. Our big shows are booked, but we need more fill in dates… if you have an idea of a great venue or festival that would be interested, please let me know.


Here are the long awaited Turkey photos: