10 minute artwork #15

Sometimes we define that which is invisible to us as lost. “lost keys”, “lost thoughts”, “lost souls”. The subjects to which we are referring with the term “lost” obviously bear different weight. “I am lost” has much more powerful connotations when it is referring to a person’s emotional state as opposed to a person’s global positioning. The term “found” has an equal set of varying symbolism. These terms are used to reference “lost and found boxes”, in which lost items are placed so that the people who lost them have an opportunities to retrieve the items, as well as religious states. From a purely mental angle do you ever find your mind functioning as a “lost and found box”? I certainly do. If one is even vaguely conscious, impressions that may or may not be relevant to one’s life are absorbed and then, at times, dispelled.

Here is an artwork that may or may not have anything to do with what I have just been pondering. Absorb it if you like. The faces were painted into the upper shells of acorns.