10 Minute Artwork #14

We had a wonderful show in Montreal at the Green Room last night. Many thanks to all of you who came out and whooped and hollered and listened. Here is a poem and photos from yesterday (Yes, poetry and photos count as artwork… geez…):

Sometimes it is clear that you exist in all the things crowded around you.

In kitchen utensils and art supplies swarming

The same counter tops

In plants, and their discharged leaves and pollen, amidst books referencing

As many locations in the world as the plants originate from

Sometimes it is clear when you have been vacant

The dust grows in the yearning corners

And the rocks, that you once peered at with nothing but wonder, and held with as much reverence as the abandoned chalice from your childhood

Linger with patience in dusty squadrons hoping that your fingertips will someday


But there are places you never leave.

No matter how much vacancy there has been

You are in those places

That have human names and human faces

And clarity in the midst of disorder

And gratitude that does not cease

Despite the dust of separation