10 Minute Artwork #12

We, of course, project so many of our experiences and interpretations of interactions onto other people. Whether the qualities we see in others are positive, negative, phenomenally inappropriate, or tinged with holy perspiration, we must confess that a large percentage of those qualities can be perceived in others because they exist in us. Yes? No? Please write manifestos to me on this subject. Thank you.

We had a lovely rehearsal with Robert Oakes this evening and I forced him to be part of my artwork of the day. I pinned him down with a drawing I had done of myself on saran wrap with permanent marker. I projected a projection of myself on the projected personas of Jemal and Robert and they then projected unto me. I deserved it.

Robert will be joining us for an upcoming show in the main hall at Kripalu in MA. Also, just so y’all know, we are heading up to Montreal for a show on Saturday night at The Green Room with The Echo Hunter. Check out our website for all of the details….                                                   OR FIND THE FACEBOOK INVITE HERE

I will project a lot of love onto you if you are there.