The music of HuDost, the Neo Folk World Rock Ensemble from Montreal and KY, weaves a seamless tapestry of sound that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating that nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts. HuDost’s core musicians are Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines. Having toured the US, Canada, and Europe constantly since April 2006, HuDost has grown and expanded, travelled rocky and glorious terrain and marveled at all they can learn and explore. Moksha and Jemal Wade, in this time have grown as artists, as seekers, as a couple and as a family. In 2013 their amazing son was brought into the world.

HuDost on two NBT Podcasts today out of Germany 

HuDost featured today on two NBT Podcasts. The NBT flagship show:

& the slightly darker more eccentric show here

HuDost will be playing a very rare trio show tonight at the Abode of the Message in New Lebanon, NY with Linda Worster. This show will be ‘Triple Nickel Style’ and will include requests, covers, new songs and some old favs. Here’s the Facebook invite to pass around if you’re in the area.

Great ‘Trapeze’ Review on Lucid Culture!

The second album by adventurous Montreal band HuDost was produced by Malcolm Burn (Peter Gabriel, Midnight Oil) who gives their ethereal, sometimes country-flavored, sometimes goth-inflected pop songs a sheen that underscores their rustic side rather than glossing over it. With her clear, soaring voice, frontwoman/keyboardist Moksha Sommer echoes a couple of NYC rock legends – she’s something of a cross between a more overtly sultry Paula Carino and a less boisterous Juliana Nash. Perhaps adding to the already wary edge in her voice is that she recorded this album after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, but before the operation.

The album opens with the goth-pop epic Trespasser, a cut that with a little exposure will be a fixture in the background wherever black robes and eyeliner are found. About half the songs here take a traditional country ballad feel and add an unexpected edge, whether that might be exotic instrumentation (harmonium, bouzouki, oud and bendir) or a more hypnotic vibe – one of them sounds like a more interesting update on the Rosanne Cash hit Seven Year Ache. The most memorable track is an understatedly haunting number sung in both English and French, recounting how greedy developers paved over a cemetery for the poor people, ripped out the headstones, left the graves and with erosion the bodies came through the ground again. Of the other tracks here, there’s a catchy Beatlesque hit that morphs into new wave, a vivid, psychedelic midtempo chamber pop ballad, and the upbeat, tongue-in-cheek All My Guitars (sung by guitarist Jemal Wade Hines), an artsy pop song that wouldn’t be out of place inthe Snow’s songbook. It’s nice to see a band like this who don’t sacrifice content for commerciality yet have a theoretically almost limitless upside for hit potential: these songs are catchy, and thankfully, Canadian radio is mandated to push Canadian artists, so they ought to have at least one market locked up.

The best news of all here is that Sommer is in good health again and the band will be on US tour Sept 16-Oct 15, watch this space for NY dates.

Great review of Trapeze from NBT in Germany 

Trapeze – HuDost (Open Sesame Music)

A lot of bands would close their show with a song like the opening storm here,Trespasser, epic and elemental; it grows from a driving folk ballad into a barely restrained rock creature. No false dramatics here, no insincere power chord Frankenstein, singer floating in the clouds and guitarist growling posing for the mosh pit. No. Here are musicians completely in sync with one another, letting the rhythms unravel, tangled breathless, fiery.

One of the delights of this collection is that it refuses to be pinned down to any one genre or style, but still does not lose its sense of self, its essence of something serene and complete. So we are invited to travel from world music to poignant alternative country, from sly hints of old time progressive, to examples of sheer pop ingenuity.

Knowing the backstory of the albums creation (during the making of Trapeze singer/writer Moksha Sommer was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to prepare herself for surgery) one expects some degree of angst and perhaps fear to pervade the tracks, that it is not the case at all, is a tribute to the strength of Sommer and her partner Jemal Wade Hines.

Rather the songs and the words and the music they float upon showcase a brave steady and rather breathtaking sense of acceptance and hope. This is an album full of the quiet huge joy of living and dreaming, and even when there is loss, it is golden.

For this reviewer, still in awe of Europe’s winter (detached as I am now from the heat of Africa), the mini suite First Snow –Waking-Last Snow is the stand out wonderment in this set that roars from delicacy to raging. In their world there is never total darkness, rather a Dawn, waiting to happen.

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Catch songs from this album on the NBT Podcast going out on the 9th Sept 09

The next broadcast will feature some exclusive interview footage about the songs from both Moksha and Jemal Wade

Lovely Regional Weeks 

As you may be able to tell, this blog here is slowly becoming our new NEWS page. All of our updates and musings will be posted here as often as humanly possible. We’re a little behind at the moment due to the intensity of our Work. HuDost has played about 9+ regional performances in the past two weeks and will now start preparing for a 2+ month tour which will lead us again to the NC, TN, Florida, Texas, New Mexico (yes, it’s been over two years folks and we’re PSYCHED!) and even Cali!

Our recent duo shows have been magnificient! Highlights include a visit to the Beloved Integral Yoga Institute in NYC. The show was one of those ‘effortless’ magical evenings where the muse and music flowed through with perfection and ease with lots of room for experimentation and improvisation thrown in. We also returned to the always lovely and beautiful PSALM in Philadelphia. It’s really just an excuse to see Jamey… We also got to see a lot of old friends in the DC area and meet some new ones including performing with Wynne Paris, Stream and crew at Contradiction Dance Studio.

This past Thursday we had a last minute surprise gig put forth upon us for the City of Pittsfield’s 3rd Thursday concert series. We opened up for a Psychedelic Philly band called ‘Astroid #4’. I realized SOMETHING was up when I saw their Rickenbackers in the distance while playing my pink fake Tele. Again, this evening’s show seemed to be aligned perfectly with the synchronistic forces of coincidence control. As the first song of the night faded, a siren flew down the street trailing off in perfect key. Moksha mentioned to the audience that we paid extra to have the fire department perform that stunt. Little did we know that the fun was only just beginning.

Toward the end of ‘Cresnijica Je Obrodila’ where we head down the path into the unknown tension of war torn noise, a slew of race cars began revving their engines in time and tune to create a perfected sonic alchemy in the streets. We were guided by the magickal hand of our new soundman buddy Don Harris, who helped twist the knobs with just the right amount of delay, compression, as the sacred ground of the church we were playing on as well as the City of Pittsfield were treated to a finely tuned segue into a devastating ‘guitar tabla’ churchbell version of ‘Baboom’. The bells started precisely as ‘Creshijica’ faded away and continued to play on and disappear just as the last ‘BA-BOOM!’ reverberated the Earth and then it was “Goodnight Pittsfield We LOVE YOU!”  Thank you all for participating and Being a part of it.

To top off the weirdness, I changed from my sweaty gigs clothes into my new gear packing shirt graced by images of our good friends from the band The Church. All of a sudden, we were in deep conversation with ‘Astroid#4’ about The Church and which were our favorite records and the fact that they did a cover of ‘To Be in Your Eyes’ on their own record. Why is it that The Church or it’s members are always involved in intense cosmic synchronicity events? Can someone explain this?

Anyway, who knew the City of Pittsfield was turning into such a groovy place? The night before we played the WordXWord Fest and made an appearance on ‘Good Morning Pittsfield ‘ on WTBR with James Campagna who was a ‘might nice bloke’. :)

In any case, we’ll be sharing more and more in the coming weeks as things develop. New songs are being written. New cover songs are being learned. We’re also working on a HuDost Songbook and a Documentary DVD on the ‘Making of Trapeze’.

One last plug for now….We are about to venture into a doing a monthly newsletter on top of all this new blogging that will be going on. These newsletters will often contain exclusive content including new demos of songs for feedback and review. Right now if you’re not already on our mailng list, please head on over to and sign up for our ‘StreetTeam’ and we’ll send you an MP3 of a new piece we’re working on.  Thank you for the LOVE!

Duo stage setup at the beautiful PSALM in Philly

Duo stage setup at the beautiful PSALM in Philly

Pre-Show GreenRoom@PSALM in Philly

Pre-Show GreenRoom@PSALM in Philly

8AM on 'Good Morning Pittsfield' WTBR with James Campagna

8AM on 'Good Morning Pittsfield' WTBR with James Campagna

Moksha and Mollie hang with Ruff Ruffman from WGBH@Boston GreenFest

Moksha and Mollie hang with Ruff Ruffman from WGBH@Boston GreenFest

FloydFest a.k.a. Yummy Piece of Music Cake 

How many people are required as a minimum for the feeling of a family unit to commence? Three? Four? And, on the other end of the spectrum, what is the maximum capacity for the feeling of family to be retained?… FloydFest holds the answer to this question. We have attended and performed at an ongoing slew of festivals and I must say that I am quite impressed that FloydFest has made such conscious efforts to retain the overall sensations of familial reciprocity and joy with an attendance of approximately 13500 people. They have a fantastic recycling program that has children at every station informing people of what to do with their trash (these children are far more competent in this capacity than any of the adults who come to them with sullied hands, confused expressions and gifts of garbage…actually, it is a fascinating role reversal). They have designated bar tents so that alcohol consumption and the littering that results is confined to certain areas. They have amazingly good and respectably healthy food. And, here is the kicker; they have phenomenally great music that inspires all of the people present. We were happy to be a part of the bill of wonderful performers.

We were present in seven-piece mode (two percussionists- Julian Douglas and Michael Rutherford, kit drummer- Ocie Davis, Bass- Dan Walters, Sarah Bowman- Cello and back up vocals, and of course, Jemal on Guitars and back up vocals and myself on lead vocals and harmonium). It was quite the posse. I adored playing with such an attentive and synched crew of excellent musicians. I have come to a place in my musicianship with HuDost where I adore the opposite extremes…either the raw, intimate and stripped down duo mode of Jemal and I (the addition of Sarah to this is lovely), or the full powerful shebang of the larger ensemble. All of that to say that at FloydFest we somehow delivered both intimacy and large-scale rock. Audiences expressed this very thing to us…I salute the fantastic happy dancing audiences that were present at our shows.

We also had the opportunity to attend the shows of some fabulous bands including Blues Traveler (who I had never listened to before and was bedazzled by what they do musically), the Lee Boys, The New Familiars, Belleville Outfit, and a huge slew of others. Yay FloydFest!

Oh, one last thing, the mountains of Virginia are unbelievably gorgeous. A glance in any direction will yield potentially phenomenal photographic results. I would love to go back with nothing but camping supplies. And, possibly a guitar. Ok, and maybe a small recording devise. But nothing else. Seriously. Oh, did I mention gourmet campfire food? But that is it. I swear.

– Moksha Sommer

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HuDost @ Connecting Chords Music Festival presented by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music

Connecting Chords Music Festival presented by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, Portage, MI

HuDost looks forward to playing this wonderful festival: The Michigan Festival of Sacred Music offers events representing diverse religious traditions, promoting mutual respect and understanding through sharing the music treasured by these traditions. They serve audiences and communities of all faiths and cultures by providing opportunities to connect with each other through music. They offer a Festival every year.