The music of HuDost, the Neo Folk World Rock Ensemble from Montreal and KY, weaves a seamless tapestry of sound that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating that nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts. HuDost’s core musicians are Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines. Having toured the US, Canada, and Europe constantly since April 2006, HuDost has grown and expanded, travelled rocky and glorious terrain and marveled at all they can learn and explore. Moksha and Jemal Wade, in this time have grown as artists, as seekers, as a couple and as a family. In 2013 their amazing son was brought into the world.

Exciting Season! 

We are currently working on a new album that has AMAZING special guests. We will share our big news with you soon...We are very happy with the direction the album is heading and can't wait to share it with you!

We have also begun a wonderful season of touring! All of our tour dates are HERE. They include Unifier Festival, Hillside Festival, Levitt AMP, Blessed Coast Music Festival, Beloved Festival, and more that we will be announcing soon! 

(Photo from Beloved Festival by Kyler Wiltshire)

Full Episode STOP! TV Feature on HuDost 

We are featured as the latest episode for Canada's Stop! TV program filmed at our August show in Frelighsburg, Quebec. Producer Maurice Singfield did an amazing job on this and there's great interview footage with Moksha, Jemal Wade, Chuck, Mike & Grace including us talking about our ONE Campaign work. There's a lot of music too including a new song called 'Benevolence Day'.  

BIG THANKS to Rusty James for dialing in the sound and to Vicki Tansey for the beautiful space. Huge gratitude to Reverend Guitars, Nord Keyboards, Stone Custom Drum L.L.C., Los Cabos Drumsticks, SABIAN, Gretsch Guitars & harmonium from Mid-East Mfg. Final audio mix by Jemal Wade Hines & Mastered by Oz Fritz. ENJOY! 

We are Incredibly Thankful to the Canada Council for the Arts 

We are very fortunate to have received a grant from The Canada Council for the Arts for Arts Abroad. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country. Yes!! Thank you!!

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 153 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays. Merci!!


This Thursday! HuDost, ONE, and World AIDS Day! 

ONE Campaign WORLD AIDS DAY Acoustic Concert & Tom Petty Tribute at Yellowberri in Bowling Green, Kentucky featuring: 

Fat Box 
Former Friends of Young Americans 
Josh Mitcham of Jericho Woods 
Cody Wagoner 
....and special guest MC Joshua Scott! 

***We do not want your money. We only want your voice!*** 

Thursday, November 30th at 7:30 PM at 
814 State Street 
Bowling Green, KY 

Admission is Free when you write a letter about fighting extreme poverty to our elected official. WKU Onecampus will be with us to assist! 

Each artist will perform a mini-acoustic set culminating in a collaborative Tom Petty tribute jam at the end of the evening. MC Joshua Scott will be showing film clips & speaking about issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, girls education, and more in between sets. 

HUGE GRATITUDE to our sponsors at WDNS FM D93 & Mellow Matt's Music & More !!! 

BG Cheese Wagon food truck will be parked outside for your food needs 

In the past two decades, the United States has led the way in making remarkable progress against HIV/AIDS around the world. Programs funded by the federal government, such as the Global Fund and PEPFAR, have saved tens of millions of lives while preventing even more new infections. These programs have served as model government programs in terms of efficiency and efficacy. These same programs now face the threat of cuts in the federal budget, which could undo much of the progress that we have made. 

We’ll be asking Senators to continue America’s investment in life-saving programs like PEPFAR and the Global Fund in the federal budget. We’ll also be asking them to vocalize this support during the week of World AIDS Day on the House and Senate floor or through public statements. 

ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of more than eight million people around the world taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. 

We believe the fight against poverty isn’t about charity, but about justice and equality. 

Whether lobbying political leaders in world capitals or running cutting-edge grassroots campaigns, ONE pressures governments to do more to fight AIDS and other preventable, treatable diseases in the poorest places on the planet, to empower small-holder farmers, to expand access to energy, and to combat corruption so governments are accountable to their citizens. Cofounded by Bono and other activists, ONE is strictly nonpartisan.

Montreal Folk and Stan Rogers 

Just Returned from playing the Montreal Folk Fest and The Stan Rogers Folk Fest (Nova Scotia)!

We had a wonderful time playing both of these festivals and the other lovely ones that were included in the last month of touring! In a few weeks we will be playing several outdoor performing arts centers including some of the new Levitts! See you beautiful folks in NY, VT, QC, and OH!

At the Stan Rogers Folk Festival we played MainStage and side stage sets as HuDost and then also had the honor of being Ramy Essam's backing band. We look forward to playing with him more in the future.

From Stan Fest:

Nice shot by Denis Wong:

From our magical Drum-Man Chuck Mauk:

A couple fun audience shots:

From the Montreal Fok Fest sur le Canal:

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HuDost @ Connecting Chords Music Festival presented by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music

Connecting Chords Music Festival presented by the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, Portage, MI

HuDost looks forward to playing this wonderful festival: The Michigan Festival of Sacred Music offers events representing diverse religious traditions, promoting mutual respect and understanding through sharing the music treasured by these traditions. They serve audiences and communities of all faiths and cultures by providing opportunities to connect with each other through music. They offer a Festival every year.