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The music of HuDost, the Neo Folk World Rock Ensemble from Montreal and KY, weaves a seamless tapestry of sound that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating that nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts. HuDost’s core musicians are Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines. Having toured the US, Canada, and Europe constantly since April 2006, HuDost has grown and expanded, travelled rocky and glorious terrain and marveled at all they can learn and explore. Moksha and Jemal Wade, in this time have grown as artists, as seekers, as a couple and as a family. In 2013 their amazing son was brought into the world.

New T-Shirts and Free Download of 'Murshid' 

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HuDost and Sophia Unity Foundation are proud to announce the release of the new HuDost single download & video of the song Murshid. This piece was written & produced by Moksha Sommer & Jemal Wade Hines as the theme song for the motion picture documentary My Heart’s Song for which HuDost has written the bulk of the soundtrack.  

In writing the song Murshid, Sommer wished to address the type of quest and spiritual seeking that defies the passage of time and is as relevant now as it was when Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan was alive. The song combines her own lyrics and words by Inayat Khan that he wrote to his teacher. Sommer and Hines crafted the arrangement of the song in production to dance around this timeless quality. About the piece, Sommer states, “This work acknowledges that it is in the humble process of seeking the teaching from a master that the teacher within ourselves that was lying dormant awakens.” 

Murshid has Moksha on lead & harmony vocals and harmonium, Jemal Wade on guitars & vocals, Linda Worster on harmony vocals, Dan Walters on bass, Chuck Mauk on drums & percussion, Anit Ghosh on violin & viola and Melissa Hyman on cello. JP Durand from the band Incendio beautifully mixed the track as well as extra programming & keyboards. JP & Jemal worked on the string arrangement together. The track was mastered by Dale Becker of Bernie Becker Mastering.  

MY HEART’S SONG details the journey of a young man from the velvet prison of a successful family of classical musicians, learning the price necessary —including a broken heart—to find true freedom. Born at a time of great change brought on by technical innovation and in a country reeling from a century of colonial rule bent upon its cultural degradation, Inayat Khan has to learn how to walk on the turbulent waters that have led to global warming and rampant commercialism.  

MY HEART’S SONG : The Early Life of Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan is currently in post production. 
The single Murshid is available as a free download here: 

Here is the lyric video link for the song:  

Her Turn 

​Performance Piece by Moksha Sommer with guest performer Tanya Evanson and music by HuDost

Gratitude to Simon Abou Fadel, Todd Munro, and Jemal Wade Hines in helping to create this piece.

Description of the work by Moksha:


‘Her Turn’, is a video/live performance piece. While I performed it at VCFA in that form (as seen in this video), I also created a video version of the piece that stands on its own that can function without the live performance element. The piece includes footage of the featured woman, Tanya, doing the practice of whirling. This practice was originally established by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī who lived from 1207-1273. He remains known as Rumi and his poetry continues to be highly valued. Whirling is one of the practices in the Islamic faith that women were originally permitted to practice in equal stride with men. Rumi himself had both female and male students and welcomed women into the fold. It was after his death that this was questioned and women, in some lineages of the tradition, were banned from practicing. In certain parts of the world it is only now that women are reclaiming this tradition. ‘Her Turn’ addresses that reclaiming in a subtle way. The song that I chose to include as the live musical performance in ‘Her Turn’ is our rendition of the first verse of the Mathnawi (Rumi’s main work, his ‘Mathnawi’ was composed in Konya and continues to be regarded as one of the peak poems of the Persian language). This verse speaks of the pain of love, the ache of separation, and the essence of longing. In my desire to address the current role of women reclaiming spiritual practices, I included audio of Tanya speaking about the practice of whirling and reading one of her own poems. In creating ‘Her Turn’ I hoped that the pairing of the old tradition done at this time by a woman (the video portion of the work), with a live performance of traditional verse done by a woman (me), with the current contemplations on this tradition voiced by the whirler, could render the necessary harmonious juxtaposition to give voice to the purpose of the work.


New Live Videos! 

Yes! That is right! We are excited about these new videos from our recent Music City Roots performance and hope you enjoy them!

Amazing time at Blissfest and upcoming Ark show! 

We have just returned home from an absolutely amazing tour. This tour began with doing concerts as HuDost and then transforming into Marty Willson-Piper's band; Acres of Space. These dates brought us to some wonderful places in May and June. We will be touring more with Marty in the coming year and plan to record new versions of some of his hit songs and some of his lesser known masterpieces with him. 

In June we did dates just as HuDost in a number of magical places including Montreal, and Quebec City, and parts of New York. Just this last weekend we had the amazing honor of returning to BlissFest in northern MI. This festival is an absolutely heart warming, large, family-style affair full of festive people, excellent staff, and ridiculously great music. We played 2 shows, one of which was on the main stage. I think the photos give good perspective on the happiness that ensued. 

Especially with all of the pain and confusion that currently exists in our world. For us and for many, music seems to be a healing and unifying force. We are grateful to be a part of that. We will be playing the famous Ark in Ann Arbor this Sunday and look forward to sharing the continues Bliss in this setting.

May/June tour with Marty Willson-Piper! 

Starting May 11th, live-streamed from Music City Roots in Nashville Tennessee, Marty Willson-Piper‘s Acres of Space & HuDost will begin their 2016 tour.

The last date on the tour will be June 25th at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville, MA.

The music will be a large retrospective of Marty’s solo work, both electric & acoustic, as well as songs from Noctorum, All About Eve, The Church & more. All musicians involved in the tour will be sitting in and collaborating with each other creating amazing evenings of music!

HuDost will do sets of their ‘Neo-Folk World Rock’ material as well as being a part of Acres of Space!

The current dates thus far are listed below with more to follow! Individual invite links will be added soon for each show. We welcome having ‘street teams’ to help get the word out both locally and through social media so please help us spread the Word about these shows (upon request we can provide you with images and info)! Also, please feel free to post photos & videos on Facebook once the tour has started!

More info on each show is available on our website tour page:

May 11 Nashville TN- Music City Roots
(w Dan Haseltine from Jars of Clay)

May 12 Bowling Green KY- Tidballs
(w Jericho Woods & Christie Lenee)

May 13 Nashville TN- Blood:Water

May 19 Carborro NC- Cats Cradle BackRoom
May 20- Raleigh NC- SchoolKids Records

May 21 Knoxville TN- Scruffy City Music Hall
(w Ananda Dance)

May 22 Atlanta GA- Eddie Owen Presents at the
Red Clay Theater

June 08-09 TBA
June 10 Pittsfield MA- Whitney Center of the Arts
June 11 Rhinebeck NY- (Private event …please inquire)
June 12 Wappinger Falls NY- CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors)

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HuDost @ Workshop/Concert- Return to the Heart in Nashville, TN

Workshop/Concert- Return to the Heart, Nashville, TN, United States

This workshop/concert led by HuDost will be a return to the heart through breath, chant, movement practices, and meditation through music. We will use an experience that involves the senses (through sound, visualization, scent, movement and touch) to expand consciousness and know both the limitations and limitlessness of our capacity to love. As we do this we will voyage through the elements as tools of purification, creating an opportunity to clear wounds and access the larger heart. The chants will be mostly Sufi in origin but will be accessible to all attendees.